Jody Bradley

Artistic talent runs in the family of poet and writer Jody Bradley.  A native of Cherokee, N.C., Bradley herself has seen her poems and articles published in multiple regional outlets like Cherokee Writers, Cherokee Heritage Trails and the Cherokee One Feather, among others.

Katherine Jacobs

Having the freedom to express herself in a variety of mediums is why Katherine Jacobs is passionate about art. Her feminine style resonates in her paintings and as a make-up artist.

Betty Maney

A white oak and river cane basket weaver, and potter, Betty Maney can often be found at her Cherokee, North Carolina home studio cutting and dyeing the oak strips to weave one of her exquisite baskets. That’s when she’s not working out a design for her latest beaded creation.

Bill Radford

A self-taught and accomplished craftsman, North Carolina native Bill Radford discovered his real passion was carving soapstone and shell after he began wood carving in the early 1980s. Whether it’s a knife, a ceremonial pipe or a small shell hummingbird,

Preston Bark

Preston Bark is an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, the son of Franklin Thompson and Robert Bark, and the middle child between two brothers. He was born in Sylva, North Carolina and raised in the Wolftown Community in Cherokee. Preston is a member of the Wolf Clan.

Rob Radford

A self-taught artist specializing in creating unique, contemporary works of art, Rob Radford has always believed that some of his creativity may stem from his ancestral roots. His grandmother Amanda Walker was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian and an amazing weaver and basket maker.

Mary Thompson

A second-generation basket weaver and member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI), Mary Thompson expresses her appreciation for her ancestry and culture through her signature woven creations. Thompson is the link to three generations of basket weavers.

Robbie Blankenship

Robert “Robbie” Blankenship, an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBIC), was born in Sitka, Alaska in 1983. He specializes in beading a wide variety of products and enjoys adding beads to items you use everyday – pens, key chains, letter openers, earrings, stickball sticks of all sizes, portable battery banks and even blue tooth headsets.

Jeremy Wilson

An avid photographer, Jeremy Wilson can be found most days (and nights) out in nature. Whether it’s a stunning sunset, wildlife, or the changing leaves of western North Carolina, Jeremy is usually around to capture it.

Haley Cooper

Haley Cooper has been doing art ever since she can remember. Born in 1998, she was raised in a tumultuous household and placed into guardian care at age 12. At 18 she was adopted by her guardians.

Paula “Shell” Nelson- Uyasga

Paula is a multimedia/ multitalented artist who works in many genres. An enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, she resides in the Kolanvyi community of Cherokee and is quasi-retired from a 25+ year career as a Living History Educator.