Love Pottery Gorget


Something for the boys…and girls. Cherokee pottery reproduction of 1800’s gorgets worn by Cherokee men. Traditionally made of brass and metal, gorgets were a part of a man’s dress that showed wealth and status. Of course the more pieces, the better.

This contemporary take features a reversible gorget made of pottery stamped with “man-in-a-coffin” pattern. This traditional Cherokee rivercane basket pattern is stamped on a diagonal. The necklace is locally sourced corn beads accented with red and blue glass beads.

The reverse side has a pattern and Cherokee syllabary- pronunciation: gv-ge-yu, translation: love

Unisex. Pair with other gorgets or trade beads.

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Product Description

11″-14″ corn bead chain w/glass seed bead and chevron bead accent and fired pottery gorget.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 in


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